Staff Pick: We love the blend of poetry and art in this beautiful work of ink, silver, and gold on paper. “Calligraphy of a Poem over a Design of Chrysanthemums”, 1615–37, painted by Tawaraya Sōtatsu, calligraphy by Hon’ami Kōetsu

Eline Mugaas & Elise Storsveen

José Pedro Croft

 melodie monrose <3

Portland State, “Black Studies Center public dialogue. Pt. 2,” May 30, 1975.Listen to the full audio of the panel.

Steve Back - Pink LakesAbstract aerial image of the lakeshore of Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia. The surreal colours are naturally occurring due to the strong concentrations of certain algae

Antoine Cordet
IS IT AN AIRPLANE FIGHT; acrylic on canvas

Egon Schiele - (Austria, 1890 - 1910)
Dead Mother 1 - (1910)
oil on canvas