Fritz Hegenbart

Paul Klee, Stricken City, 1936

井上厚 2010-3

Vilhelm Hammershøi  - Back View of a Young Girl (1884)

Surreal and Twisted Conceptual Art by Fabian Buergy

Nele Tas - Concentration Portrait VII (2010)

Bottom of old frying pans look like Moons of Saturn and Jupiter.
Saul Williams 

Staff Pick: We love the blend of poetry and art in this beautiful work of ink, silver, and gold on paper. “Calligraphy of a Poem over a Design of Chrysanthemums”, 1615–37, painted by Tawaraya Sōtatsu, calligraphy by Hon’ami Kōetsu

Eline Mugaas & Elise Storsveen