Steven Paneccasio - Hallucinations

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Simple Touch

Home is a City by The Sea.


Friederike von Rauch - In Secret


Émilie Régnier: Mali Passport

 ‘I am really driven by the idea of showing a West African society that is growing,’ says Régnier. That means ignoring the easy and the rote: pictures of elites quaffing champagne, or images cataloguing the atrocities of war. Witnessing with a camera takes many forms. For Régnier, photographic truth is located in the bodily presence of young West Africans proudly negotiating their future, a diverse future of many possibilities.’

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Fragment of the Face of a Queen, made in Egypt during the reign of Akhenaten, c.1353-1336 BC (source).

Lesley VanceUntitled, 2012

Somewhere Right Here, 2014, acrylic on panel, 10 x 10 inchesOne of two new paintings that I’m showing as part of the 2014 Benefit Exhibition for Ballet X at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Opening reception is tonight from 5pm-8pm. The exhibition continues until October 4th, 2014. Links:
Ballet XBridgette Mayer GalleryTim McFarlane